GM Advertising: Less TV, More Internet

While working this morning I’m watching CNBC’s coverage of the proposed US automaker bailout hearings at the Capitol, and caught a very interesting quote from Rick Wagoner of General Motors when he was asked if GM was going to spend $3 million on a Superbowl ad this year:

No… we’re shifting to electronic advertising which is less expensive and more effective.

VERY telling. And I concur 100%.

And it’s more trackable than traditional advertising. I worked at an ad agency for almost 4 years, and we used to say with traditional advertising (tv, radio, magazine, newspaper), half of your ads work. You just don’t know which half.

I manage a dozen online advertising campaigns for my clients and for myself. Ask me how I can help you advertise on the internet, and you can get detailed reporting on your dollar’s effectiveness.

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