Chase Terms, Not Your Tail

Here’s what I wrote to a client just now about a request to add a term to their keyword META tags:

I’ll add it, but don’t expect a whole lot. Google long ago put a minimum of importance on these tags, and a maximum on what text is on the site for people to read.

That’s why your blogging is so good — it’s real, actual text that people read, and it’s a regular occurrence on your site.

The term “colorado shopping guide” isn’t mentioned once on your site. It’s mentioned once in your PDF document xxxx.pdf. That lets Google know you really don’t put much emphasis on this term, so why should Google?

If you really want to be listed in the top 10 for this term, write about it in your blog, and I’d recommend even going so far as to make a page about it.

I advise clients that they must pick their Google battles. Go after what matters, not everything, because if you chase every term you’ll just end up chasing your tail instead!

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