Breaking Up Long Pages = SEO Benefits, User Glee

Usually my clients don’t have enough copy. Here’s a case study of (and actual email to) a client’s site that has too much copy. Well, too much copy per page; there’s really no such thing as too much content as long as it’s divided into sane-sized pieces.

A client contacted me about reducing the long stretch of dense, small-sized text with hidden paragraphs that can be revealed by the user with a show/hide button. Here’s my response:

I think that would be the right idea but the wrong method. Personally, if this was my site, I’d break each of those sections into their own pages. It would help users and help spiders.

Your pages tend to have a lot of small-ish text, and I think it gets a bit daunting. I know you’ve done your best to break it up nicely with bolded subheaders.

For spiders, when you have a laser-focused page, you increase your chances of coming up in Google’s top 10 for that term because there’s no extraneous content to dilute the page’s message to Google (and thus users).

As individual pages, we can put a nice big arrow at the lower right to create a flow to move through your content in bite-sized chunks like I do on my site

Three well-marked steps and you’re dropped at the Contact page… reducing the falloff rate and driving the user to an action.

Moral: 1) breaking up long pages into multiple shorter pages is a win-win. It helps your users and it helps your site’s SEO effort, 2) guiding the user with Next buttons helps you convert users into customers.

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