Buying a Website

I’m advising a client who is buying a developed web site — content, domain name, all of it. It gets around 6k pageviews/month, so it’s not big, but he wants to make a partial living off its ad revenue. Super, let’s do this.

Ad Revenue GOOD (Hulk)

Yea, we all want ad revenue. So should we run Google AdSense ads and press the Easy Button, or make private ad deals by calling real people on the phone… doing it the old fashion way? The latter is going to be more lucrative. BUT you need to maintain relationships, invoice them, and take a paper check to the bank every month. So let’s do private ad deals. More work but more money.

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Google AdWords: Reducing your Bids

Hint: you may be able to buy clicks for less than before. I’ve found that I’ve been able to lower most of my bids to HALF of what they were and get the same number of clicks. True story.

It’s the economy: there are now fewer competitive bids out there chasing terms.

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