My Bio

I started a web design business in Denver in 1998. I folded my business into my #1 client, a local startup called, and worked there until moving to technology mecca Seattle in late 1999. Once in Seattle, I found employment with a core of smart, fun developers at a startup called*. eHome was a full-service residential Real Estate house based in San Jose, serving 11 markets including Seattle and San Francisco.

When eHome collapsed in the wake of tightening of venture capital funding, I and the developers moved to another real-estate-centric startup called Front Door, Inc. This company wrote and sold RE agent software to RE houses, and I was responsible for integrating MLS data with the web browser tool agents used to view and update property listings.

In 2002, after Front Door also went the way of startups in that era, I moved to streaming media giant (at the time) RealNetworks, Inc., where I worked as a web developer in the Arcade group. Here I was tasked with creating efficient purchase paths, the series of pages users go down to buy a game. The paths had to have few distractions and minimal falloff rates, and I achieved this goal while learning about web user behavior.

After a year and a half at RealNetworks, in 2003 I took my most satisfying job working at Seattle ad agency Cole & Weber United, where I learned database programming and saw advertising from the inside.

At Cole & Weber I worked on projects centered on lead generation and search engine optimization.

In 2006 I resigned from Cole & Weber and once again returned to running my own web design and development business. I moved back to Denver in 2007 and continue to serve clients all over the US. is where I write free content and advice about search engine optimization, search engine marketing, online advertising, making money from web sites, and blogging.

When I’m not working on client projects, I’m busy running my eight or so websites that range from Volvo maintenance to Denver music and social event calendars.

* Amazingly, much of the code on eHome’s index page (and probably others) is the same that I wrote back in Spring 2000. I can look at the source code of that page and see my HTML and image filenames. The web site was sold to a California real estate company circa 2001.

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