AdWords bids getting too costly?

I had two clients ask me what to do about this in two days. Here’s what I told them:

“Ramp up your bid per click every couple days until you’re comfortable, keeping in mind you might run out of comfort before you get good clicks. In that case, the market has bid those terms to a level above what you’re willing or able to pay.”

The market in AdWords for your term might be so small that a) some newbie idiot is bidding up the term for everyone, or b) the term might not be small, but people are willing to spend more than you per click and make a profit with their services. Probably their site converts better than yours, so for instance they make more money out of 100 clicks than you do.

My AdWords Bidding Advice is to

  1. Use misspellings and see if you can poach terms for cheap… for instance I bid on “vovlo” for my Volvo site.
  2. Try another text ad marketplace (sorry, no recommendations).
  3. Increase your site’s conversion rate so you CAN spend a couple dollars per click and still eat… put another way, make your site a better salesperson.
  4. Or lastly, forget AdWords and simply improve your site’s visibility and relevance to search engines.

Forget AdWords, Let’s Go Organic

To help with #4, or what’s called “search engine optimization” (SEO), I offered some specifics to one client with his poor-visibility photo retouching site:

  1. Content is everything. Write write write. Blog or simply FTP up new pages to your site every week about retouching. Google loves fresh content.
  2. Put keywords in <h1> and <h2> tags. See online HTML help for usage. Don’t overdo it.
  3. Title pages well with the <title> tag. Title your home page with 2-5 words, terms you want to target exactly. Nothing else. Simple, clean, no BS words.
  4. Get inbound links. Email friends — preferably in a similar field — and ask them to link to your site. <a href=”“>Photo retouching</a> like that.

Press the Easy Button

Or hire me. Sometimes your time is worth more than what you’d pay me to do this. I do this for a living and am very fast.

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