The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Site…

is this. That is to say, the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Site™ is get a nice writeup in a major daily. (Well, barring a nice writeup in a national outlet.)

The only thing Mona Lucero could have done better is cajole the Denver Post into adding her web site URL to the article, but those requests are difficult. If the reporter okays it, the editor may not.

I’d also like to qualify my point by adding getting in print like this is the best single thing you can do. I’d take six solid months of regular on-topic, useful blog posts over one newspaper writeup. In other words, if you’re going to go out and do one thing like get some press, don’t go to the church newsletter lady, get in your major daily paper like Mona did, or speak at your city’s annual business leadership forum or something.

(I’ve consulted with Mona on how to make photographs of her designs “in house”, so she can save money.)


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