WordPress 2.8 Released Today

WordPress 2.8 “Baker” was released this morning. I tested it on a few mule sites first, including this one, and all updates went perfectly. I’ll have more regarding a 2.8 w/plugins Plugin Auto-Update Stress Test in the next day.

Best practices for upgrading WordPress

Download latest WordPress build, immediately delete wp-content folder(!). Then go about upgrading normally, which is to say backup web files and db, then simply overwrite all files and directories in your WordPress directory. Then go to the Dashboard and click the large, obvious Upgrade Database button. Upgrades take 5 minutes typically, start-to-finish.

Jealously guard /wp-content. It’s where your theme, plugins and image/media uploads live — the unique bits — and will not be touched if you nuke that directory when you unpack the latest builds.

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