What Fonts Can I Use on my Website?

Play it Strict!

This is the very strict set, compliance is almost guaranteed if you choose one from this list. Choose and forget.


I bend that rule a little and use Century Gothic (all caps, in green) on my Volvo Forum http://www.matthewsvolvosite.com.

According to CodeStyle.org, Century Gothic is available to 86% of Windows web users (probably higher on Macs). To me that’s fine, if I go for every last user on Earth at 100% compliance not only is it a chore, but the fun gets sucked out of it.

Whatever the case, all browsers have a “fall-back” font (“Times”, etc.), and in between any font you pick and that font you can define your own fall-back fonts. Personally I think Georgia can look fantastic in designs. Arial Black and Trebuchet also can look better than they look “on paper”.

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