Linking in WordPress

The link and unlink icons in WordPress

I got an email today from a client asking how to make words in his blog go to other sites. Good question! He was talking about creating “links”, also called hyperlinks <- there’s one.

The button on the left is the link button, the other is the unlink button. Those appear in the WordPress editor’s toolbar when you are composing a blog post.

How to Link In WordPress

1. write something
2. highlight the word or words with your mouse
3. click the link button
4. enter a URL (must start with “http://”)

You’re done. To unlink, highlight the word(s) and click the unlink button.

When you publish that blog post, the word(s) will take the user to whatever URL you put in. The word(s) will usually be underlined, which is the universal convention to identify a hyperlink.

If you’re talking about writing on an older version of WordPress, or a non-WordPress blog, it should work the same way, or very similar. This is a standard used for over a decade in all kinds of computer programs.

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