Subdomain or Subdirectory?

A client asked me if he should put a blog on a subdomain or a subdirectory, in other words or His concern was about the future: he’s heard a subdomain will scale better. Good question, but don’t let it hold up progress because it’s not that important any longer. From an SEO standpoint, conventional wisdom said to make it a subdomain. From a scaling standpoint, conventional wisdom said make it a subdirectory.

Scaling issues are good problems to have, it means you’ve got tons of traffic and are probably making a nice sum, thus able to pay someone to do work for you. Having a scaling problem is like having a boat so big it’s hard to find a marina.

When you start your boating hobby, you’ll start with a 25-ish-foot boat probably, unless you’re a Hilton heir. And when you find a berth for it, you’re probably not going to think about if the berth will be suitable for your next boat, or the one after that, right?

Same thing here, I told him. Do a subdirectory because a) there is no set up at all, and b) you’ll avoid cookie problems (cookies set in pages can not be read by pages on

There is no SEO benefit of one over the other.

At my busy forum I have a bunch of users on that all day and no scaling problems, at least not from site organization perspective.

Cross the scaling bridge when you get to it.

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