My Thoughts on Hosting

How do I know television advertising works? Four out of five new clients now bring me their GoDaddy-bought domain names. It’s an epidemic.

I prefer hosts that don’t make (much/any) money off of domain name registrations, so that we’re all saved from the inane upsells with which GoDaddy pummels their users. Ask anyone who’s logged into an account there.

I sometimes log into clients’ GoDaddy accounts and personally think it’s a disaster, but their tech support is quick. However fast responses to problems don’t make up for it. I steer clients away from GoDaddy when I can.

I’ve had some small sites at Dreamhost since 2002, and consider them to be decent. Like most decent hosting, they’re around $10/month when paid a year in advance.

For medium/large sites or entire servers I use Red Rocks Data Center. I don’t benefit if you sign up with any of the hosts mentioned here, by the way.

Hosting changes every few years, so after a year you should consider these suggestions dated and ask me directly. And if you’ve heard that a host can affect Search Engine Optimization for your site, it’s true. There are ways to check the IP address that your site will be on to see if it’s blacklisted with search engines. Just ask me and I’ll help you avoid hosting problems.

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