My Thoughts on Hosting

How do I know television advertising works? Four out of five new clients now bring me their GoDaddy-bought domain names. It’s an epidemic.

I prefer hosts that don’t make (much/any) money off of domain name registrations, so that we’re all saved from the inane upsells with which GoDaddy pummels their users. Ask anyone who’s logged into an account there.

I sometimes log into clients’ GoDaddy accounts and personally think it’s a disaster, but their tech support is quick. However fast responses to problems don’t make up for it. I steer clients away from GoDaddy when I can.

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Display Much Information in a Small Space

So I’ve got this popular Volvo web site with about 11,000 registered users. Super. The heart of it is the Volvo Forum, a roiling, boiling mass of Volvo owners trading information, advice and tears at the rate of 75-100 posts per day. The problem is that from the Home page, it doesn’t look so roiling-boiling. Fix: show the activity on the Home page. Get it out in front of people.

Ok, not a hard task. The phpBB forum (outstanding, free software by the way) is on interior pages, and is run entirely by the site’s database. All I needed to do was query a table in the database for the ten or 15 or whatever number of latest posts and voila, the roiling-boiling is then shown to the browsing hoi polloi.

But a) I wanted it up near the top to lure users deeper into my site and b) I didn’t want it to take up much space.

Ingredient #1

After scouting around for some possibilities I found Latest Posts, a script that pulls latest posts from a phpBB forum and displays them in a scrolling marquis.

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