WordPress Blogging: Best Practices w/ Formatting

My clients sometimes end up with oddly-formatted blog posts on their WordPress sites. It’s usually because they write in Word, copy, then paste into the WordPress text window. That carries ugly, hidden formatting. To get around this, the WordPress authors created the Paste from Word button.

  • Compose in Word or whatever you enjoy writing in… stay comfortable.
  • Don’t format in Word.
  • Open WordPress, Write a Post, Click “Kitchen Sink” button on the toolbar.
  • Click on “W” icon (Paste from Word) when the second row opens.
  • Format to your liking in WordPress with the toolbar buttons.
WordPress' "Kitchen Sink" button

Clicking the Kitchen Sink button opens the second row.

Voila. Consistent formatting across all your posts.

I’m not a fan of the Kitchen Sink functionality. I want the WordPress authors to just display both rows of the formatting toolbar. The extra space taken up by the second row is too little to warrant hiding the second row of buttons to newbies.

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