The Three Legs of a Campaign

An Immature Ecommerce Site Needs Help

Case Study One

The following is taken from client correspondence. This case study involves a 1.5-year-old ecommerce site that’s getting very poor traffic, and no sales conversions. The site supplements a brick-n-mortar home and beauty products store.

These are the Three Legs of a web site campaign, although two or even one can make your site successful. Note this campaign does not include Product Search Marketing efforts, which in this case is out-of-reach given the owner’s budget.

Leg One: Site

  • Home page makeover (image rotator, edit and move text up above the “fold”)
  • Remove About, Contact links from top, leave them at pages’ bottom
  • “News” becomes “Blog” — much friendlier sounding
  • Clean up Blog (News) — literally clean up the messy Word-pasted formatting markup
  • Add Google Analytics Goals to the site

Part of what we’re doing here is taking off extraneous fluff that may divert a sale to a browse-and-leave experience. This particular site had some distracting navigation and unnecessary nav elements up at the top. The result of this leg is better SEO and a better UI, one that funnels users to the cart.

Leg Two: AdWords (or any traffic buy)

  • create a new campaign capped at $xxx/day
  • leave everything else paused [client has existing paused campaigns]
  • lower cost per click, if the market supports it
  • no content network ads, just Google search (better)
  • add more ad variations
  • add conversion tracking code to the cart to track back where the conversion came from

Leg Three: Real World

  • Hit beauty blogs and forums about [beauty product brand] and/or ANY product that sets you apart (get inbound links)
  • Offer to write blog(s) on other site about [beauty product brand] and/or ANY product that sets you apart (get inbound links)
  • Blog on your site about [beauty product brand] and/or ANY product that sets you apart
  • Sponsor events in your area; trade for products or services (barter — it’s cheaper!)
  • Email friends to remind them about your site (“Xmas is coming”)

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