Keep it Simple: Domains

Here’s why it’s best to keep things simple with domains.

Summary: a webmaster wonders why a domain isn’t getting love from Google. Answer: duplicate content penalty… she has a handful of domains that are duplicates, showing the same text.

The lesson here is to keep things simple. The minute you start thinking about plans that involve two or more domains to get more traffic, a BIG RED LIGHT should go off in your head. Unless you are an advanced webmaster who knows exactly what you are doing, forget about complex, multi-domain plans.

Google helps those who help people find great content. That’s Matt’s First Law of SEO. When you mess with M1LOSEO you run the risk of getting Google penalties or getting removed from search results entirely. Same goes with Yahoo Search, MSN Search etc.

Operate one domain per topic, provide great content on it, and success will follow every time.

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